WELCOME to Zinger Zanger Visual Coaching! We help you see what’s important to you.

What's Zinger Zanger?

Zinger Zanger Visual Coaching is an intuitive and creative company. Once known as Zinger Zanger Inc. and located in the heart of the Midwest, ZZ now hangs it’s hat in the sunny state of Florida where creativity is prevalent (on the beach with a margarita in hand).

Meet ZZ’s Head Honcho

Robin Albright, CPCC, is a Midwesterner at heart, but day-to-day a sand between her toes kind of gal.

Robin is a visionary, an artist, a visual life/business coach, speaker/visual recorder and a caregiver. After certification through Coaches Training Institute in 2008, Robin focused predominately on sharpening her coaching skills. She couldn’t help but add art to each session (it’s deep inside her) and as her style began emerging she’s connected with her purpose and in full swing. Her creative style as a visual coach and speaker married with her unique creative perspective offers each client not only insight and clarity but the opportunity to take away a visual component that adds depth to their learning.

Visual Life & Business Coaching

Whether you’re a business or an individual seeking a specific goal or fulfillment in general, visual coaching is a smart option. Robin Albright, CPCC, helps clients clarify what’s important by literally drawing out their thoughts and aspirations. Their take-away is a map of the session… giving them a structure to focus on and a reminder of their milestones and goals.

Caregiver Coaching

Caregiving can be a tough job, just ask Robin Albright, CPCC, who knows first-hand what it’s like. Combine this first-hand knowledge along with her visual coaching flair and you get an authentic journey into self discovery. Zinger Zanger coaching can help you remember how amazing and capable you actually are and help you remain your best as you care for loved ones.

Snail Mail Coaching

Can’t afford full blown coaching? We have another option! Sign up for our Snail Mail Coaching and receive a box in the mail each month. The box comes equipped with a coaching template or two, a few structures to support the theme of the month and we set up one 20 min. coaching call towards the end of the month. Coaching themes center around personal development (Your journey, fears and failure, your saboteur, habits, etc…).

Workshops & Seminars

Maybe you have a group of salespeople, a club your part of, or employees who need a boost. ZZ Workshops are inspiring, fun, engaging and full of self-discovery. Whether it’s Life Mapping, Goal Mapping, Mister Pissy Taming, Taking Care of YOU—the Caregiver, or Be your Own Superhero… we’re here to add a little spunk to the atmosphere, a little fire to your production line, a bit more comradery in the break room, and a campaign of smiles to fill your hallways.

Studio Work

Does your wall need your personal affirmation tacked to it… BIG and BOLD so that you don’t forget it? Or maybe your office needs a poster sized HIGH FIVE to remind you that you’re attaining your goal and capable of success. Whatever the vision, Zinger Zanger can help you see it even better!

Hire Robin to create a visual structure/reminder for the entry way of your business, your office wall or home.

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